Frequently Asked Questions


1 - Are DROP INS Available?

Yes, our weekly classes are open to drop ins (20$ tax inc), only our Saturday Britneyfied classes have limited drop ins (unless Performance Team is in rehearsal mode) – email us to enquire/register for class:


2- When do classes take place?

Wednesday's 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Saturday’s 11:00am to 12:30pm 


3- Do I need any experience to take a class?

Absolutely NO!, EVERYONE is welcome to join a Dance Legion class. A warm, easy, and fun experience during class is provided and anyone with or without experience can join. Dance Legion prides itself in embracing our own uniqueness and is a strong LGBTQ+ & Body positive space.


4- What type of classes are taught?

Currently, during the week Dance Legion offers a variety of PopStars classes from Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Madonna, to Michael Jackson, Nsync, Spice Girls and more. Saturday’s class is Britneyfied: the ultimate Britney Spears dance class.


5- Who teaches the classes?

Bruno Lucas is the founder and instructor of Dance Legion. His classes take you into his own interpretation of the most iconic original choreographies from the biggest music stars, as well as his own style.


6- Can I use the class pass for any class?

Yes, our current class pass (70$ tax inc) gives you access to 4 classes for you to use within 8 WEEKS purchase.


7- What are the refunds Policy?

Drop ins, Class passes, Performance programs are not refundable. Please get in touch with us to discuss other options –

Performance Program F.A.Q

  1. How long is the performance program ?

Program duration is 10 weeks, practice/classes take place each Saturday 11-12:30pm.


2. Do I need experience?

Absolutely no experience needed to join the program, however a good passion for dance and to have fun is a must!


3. How much is the cost of the program?

Program cost is 270$ (tax inc)


4. What happens if i miss practice?

A maximum of 2 misses during the 10 weeks can be tolerated, as it will push you back in rehearsals/ choreography learning.


5. Do I need to pay for costume?

There is no cost for costumes, however it will worked out in a cost-effective manner, accessories shall be provided.