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Top 10 reasons to do Britneyfied : The ultimate Britney Spears Class

December 2, 2016

The best dance class to stay fit in Toronto


Santa can you hear me?

I have been so good this year


All i want is one thing

Do a class of Britney Spears


1. To dance Britney is to become Britney 


 Doing the class is almost like the holyspearit is taking over your body! 


2. Alot of hair wipping involved 



All those fierce hair wips we have practiced in our rooms come alive in this class


3. Above all use your britneyfied arms 




 4. You will learn the most iconic choreographies and moves from godney 


 5. you're allowed to  bring a lion, your yellow snake, or be naked covered in diamonds.... 


  .. just kidding.. 


6.  the world is your stage ...or the studio 



7. cuz Britney is cool 


8. the best class to bring your bff


9. You grew up listening to her music and love it!


10.    needless to say...

 its britney bitch


after the Class is over, that overwhelming sensation you are feeling means one thing...








it wasn't your bedroom after all



     it was a dream 
    within a dream





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