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Top 5 reasons to take a dance class

February 2, 2017

Why you should start shaking your booty now.... 


1 - Revitalize your body.

Dancing has been proven to release (happy cells) in your body, that make you feel happy and just shouts out to your body how awesome dance is.  Unlike eating a chocolate, you will give your body a well deserved work out without having to do a dreaded push up or squat.





2 - Make new friends


You will meet like minded people that love dancing too, and who knows you might forge a friendship for life.





3 - Gain musicality and rhythm.


This is proven to happen to all of those who take dance classes, your musicality improves and your ear starts to tune in with the music better, the counts and the rhythm!




4- Learn a different dance style.


Diversity is where a true dancer lies, the more dance styles you do the better you will benefit overall, plus it is super fun to try something new right?! 




5 - Lead a positive lifestyle.


Dance brings happiness and joy, and it goes through your veins from the inside out, it will cause a huge impact in your life like it does in the daily basis to those who do it.  






Dance is life






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